Footwork – It does not get any faster


Quick Legs – A prerequisite for success in the field – this article provides a few exercises from the field of “Footwork”.

This Ariel from the Breich Athletic training should deal with “footwork” or English “Footwork”. The form of exercise behind this term can be divided into two areas from the point of view of training theory. On the one hand this is the area of ​​coordination and on the other hand the area of ​​speed.

Firstly, the badminton player must set his feet optimally depending on the position in the field and the opponent’s expected swing, but on the other hand, if his anticipation was wrong, he must be able to change his foot position the fastest to get his body into a better starting position. The footwork exercises presented here form the basis for the player to control and quickly control his feet in various positions. The difficulty of controlling these fast foot movements is, first of all, a coordinative requirement, especially for the novice.

Once this has been mastered, the speed increases, usually clearly audible by a squeak on the hall floor. Only when the coordination is no longer a hurdle, one can speak more of the training of speed.

 Installation in the training

Due to the need for coordination and speed, Footwork should preferably be placed in a position in training where the lower extremities are still well recovered. So it’s perfect right after the warm-up. But also to activate, be it in preparation for the next game at a tournament, or as a means to bring his athletes in training again on suspense, a short Footworkeinlage is excellent. In general, the better the exercises are mastered, the shorter (but faster) the exercise times should be. To conclude this article here are a few examples, and then 6 exercises that are to be considered in the photos in the clock since.

 Footwork for Activation (Goal: Activation)

3-5 sets of 8-12 seconds with 12-18 second break (2-5 different exercises)

 Footwork circle (goal: coordination training o. Speed ​​oo speed endurance training)

4-21 sets of 8-15 seconds with 22-10 second break (2-10 different exercises)

 In co-ordination training and rapid endurance training, the load duration can be higher and the break a bit shorter, in “pure” speed training exactly the opposite. In addition, a break after 4-6 sets should be installed during speed training, so that the muscles and nervous system involved can recover. The break can be used, for example, to train double serve.

 Footwork sprint (goal: speed endurance combined with responsiveness)

 3-5 sets of 3 x 8-12 seconds of footwork, then sprint over 2 squares, go back, reboot.

 The coach calls each change and “start” for the sprint, thereby a reaction is required during the load, that whole one can gladly carry out as a competition.

From the parallel basic position, the right leg is crossed in front of the left, from there back to the parallel basic position and then the left crossed in front of the right leg.

 Next previous

 In this footwork exercise, the feet are alternately moved back and forth. The basic position, here especially the lateral distance of the feet to each other may be quiet far wider than can be seen in the photo. Often, special badminton smash racket beginners tend to be very upright on the field with their legs closed, which you can already counteract. The right speed is clearly audible when a squeak of the rubber sole on the hall floor sets.

Before mid-back

This exercise is somewhat more complex and coordinatively demanding in which, in contrast to the previous exercise, the feet are placed once more in the parallel basic position.


A pure exercise in the lateral level is this, here the feet or the legs are closed at a fast pace and wide open again.

square Jump

In the exercise “Quadrilateral Jumping” with closed legs (ie the feet directly) next to each other as quickly as possible jumped a square. After the exercise insufficient quality and frequency is mastered, offers itself as a variant, especially for badminton players, to open the feet further and move this parallel basic position “quadrilateral”. Another option is to change the direction of the call of the trainer “Change”, for example, and the reaction will be trained at the same time.

 Start mid-Start

In the game, you often have to respond quickly to feinting the opponent and accordingly quickly choose a cheaper starting position of the feet. This exercise is very similar to the “mid-to-back” exercise, with the hips being quickly turned in each direction.

Choosing the Best Bathroom Furniture for You

Bathrooms are usually the most well-used rooms in any house. In fact, a lot of bathrooms are now elaborately decorated rather than just being used. More people today are investing in quality and expensive bathroom furniture than ever before.

best bathroom furniture

When you select furniture for your washroom, there are multiple factors to be considered. First, look at the size and shape of your bathroom. It is small or large? What are the shape and dimensions? These are very important factors when it comes to your final selections.

Next, consider how many people will be using the bathroom and how often. Is this the only bathroom in the house? These questions will help in figure out which furniture to purchase as well as what sort of material it should be.

There are 2 types of finishes available on bathroom furniture. It’s durable and has changed into less traditional and more modern styles. Natural wood brings a feeling of warmth and welcome in any room and is great for the bathroom with the amazing tankless toilets. It’s going to cost a little more, though, since it takes more work to build furniture from this wood. In addition, as this is a natural material, you can expect the color and grain to change over the years.

Manmade finishes are also popular because of the wider varieties of colors and designs. Don’t expect to pay any less for this furniture than the wood, however, even though it’s less durable. These finishes are created from combined materials and textured finishes so they can handle hard knocks and scratches. Excessive spills can cause damage to even the sturdiest of these finishes.

If you need lots of storage space and don’t like clutter, then fitted bathroom furniture is your best bet. By the way, this type of furniture works with the more traditional decors, there are various finishes and accessories that you can get to fit in with your theme. Moving furniture around to change the way your rooms look may be something you do often. If so, freestanding furniture is going to suit you better. This furniture allows you to move it around at will.

As a final choice, there’s modular bathroom furniture to choose from. You will need to assemble the furniture, and it can be either fitted or freestanding. This modern furniture offers many different styles that come with lots of storage. It also fits into any type of décor.

Why Everyone Should Own an Ice Cream Maker

ice cream maker for home

If you have tasted homemade ice cream, you will understand why so many people make ice cream at home with an ice cream maker. If you have been thinking about making your own homemade ice cream, then make sure you understand how the different types of ice cream makers work before you purchase an ice cream machine. Ice and rock salt ice cream makers are available in both manual and electric versions. Although you have to keep an eye on the ice and salt levels, overall it is fairly easy to make delicious ice cream. The ice and rock salt machines are ideal for those who want to make large quantities of ice cream at once. Many people prefer using a hand-cranked ice cream maker rather than an electric machine. Both adults and children find churning their own ice cream to be a fun and rewarding experience. If you do not find the old-fashioned ice cream making method appealing, the electric version of the ice and salt rock machine will save you from having to mix all of the ingredients yourself.


When using one of the Freezer Bowl machines you must place the bowl into the freezer for 8 – 12 hours before you begin making the ice cream. The electric-powered machine makes mixing ice cream ingredients an easy task. The freezer bowl style is a popular choice for consumers because it is an affordable product that produces an excellent quality of ice cream. You will need to have enough room in your freezer to store the bowl, and unless you have an extra freezer bowl, you will not be able to make a lot of ice cream at one time. Since you have to freeze the bowls ahead of time, the Freezer Bowl machines are not a good choice for spontaneous ice cream making sessions.

The most convenient ice cream making machine is the Compressor Freezer. This professional model is sturdy and does not require salt, ice, freezer bowls or cranking. You simply add the ingredients and let the machine do the rest. The Compressor Freezer machines make high-quality ice cream, the only downside to this product is the high price, but many find the convenience worth the money. Most of the ice cream makers get the job done, but The Freezer Unit machine is the least favorite choice among consumers. The ice cream freezer unit makes ice cream while it is inside the closed freezer. Not only is this an inconvenient machine, but it is also slower than the other ice cream makers and the ice cream does not turn out as well.

Tips And Tricks To Use An Juice Extractor


A juice extractor is a kind of machine that you can use if you would like to get juice from fruits or vegetables you like. This kind of machine can be used at home and it is really beneficial for you because it will help to get nutritious drinks for your health. The process of working is different with usual juicer so it is important for you to know on how to use this product.

If you would like to know more about the process, you need to check this article out that will give the best guidance for you. In this case, the presence of this article can be considered as the right help for you so it is advised to take benefits from it.

First of all, you must understand whether this machine is manual or electric. After knowing the type, you will do something right better than so it can make easier the process of learning.  You can also blend vegetables in a juice extractor and then make soup in easy soup maker machine This machine is hydraulic press juice so you will be helped in cutting and doing the juicer for your needs. By using this machine, you will get the best ingredients from your fruits and vegetables so you do not need to be worried about the nutritious.

To determine the speed of the machines, it depends on your needs. If you choose the adequate speed, you will be able to produce the best quality of juice so it is important for you to keep this thing in your mind. By using the machine, the pulp of juice will be saved in the basket so you do not need to be worried about the nutritious of them. You need to choose the right machine for your needs based on types of juice you would like to drink. So, it is important to be careful in choosing the right one for your needs.

Secret To Make a tasty Margarita

Serving the greater Seattle area, Salt On The Rim is Seattles premier margarita machine rental service. We deliver commercial quality margarita machines and delicious flavors made with fresh ingredients. Whether you want to serve margaritas, daiquiris and hurricanes or non-alcoholic smoothies, slushies and frozen cappucino, we’ve got the right kind of frozen drink for your party.

Commercial Margarita machines

Delicious flavors
Delivery and setup
No ice or bartender needed
Serves up to 100 drinks per hour
Perfect for informal parties, weddings or company events

Salt on The Rim Margarita machine rental delivers to most cities in western WA including: Seattle, Bellevue, Everett, Redmond, Snohomish, Monroe, Arlington, Marysville, Mill Creek, Lake Stevens, Kent, Renton, Issaquah, Lynnwood, Edmonds, Shoreline, Lake City, Kenmore, Ballard, Seattle Margarita Machine rental, Woodinville, Duvall, Bellevue margarita machine rental. rent margarita machines, party rental. For a complete list of delivery range click here,


Try something new for the holidays, the cranberry margarita.

Cranberry Margarita
From Bobby Flay

2 cups tequila
1 1/3 cups cranberry juice
1 cup orange-flavored liqueur (triple sec of Cointreau)
2/3 cup fresh-squeezed lime juice


Combine the tequila, cranberry juice, orange liqueur, and lime juice in a large pitcher. Shake over ice.
Strain into margarita glasses or low cocktail flutes. Alternately, strain into low tumblers filled with ice.

A Great Margarita With A Taylor 430
The Taylor 430 is a superb machine for creating margaritas.
It’s very easy to make margaritas with there being so many in the restaurant industry. A lot of venues opt to make their drinks with a pre made mix, but here at Slice’s Concession we believe that using fresh ingredients is the best way to make a great quality drink.
The process is easy, with the end product definitely being worth your while.

What You Will Need

8 liters of tequila
3 liters of agave syrup
4 liters of limes juice
8 liters of water
(and a few limes!)
What you will need to do is start off by grating a few limes and then squeezing them into a separate bowl. Pour your 8 liters of tequila into a measuring cup, and your agave syrup into a separate measuring cup. You will mix this mixture into your 5 quart tub and then add your 8 liters of water.
You will stir this mixture along and place within the hopper of your Taylor 430.
You’ll then turn your machine on and will need to wait about 8-12 minutes for the mixture to freeze up. Once frozen you can proceed to dispense your product. Expect a nice flowing refreshment with a great viscosity.
With the Taylor 430, not solely are you able to build quality drinks like this attainable, you may be able to have a good turnout with associate assortment of frozen beverages
such as, pina coladas, coolatas, frozen wine slushies, frozen coffee based drinks, and more. Make your growing business even more successful with a quality frozen drink machine that will produce great product.

best margarita machine makers 2019

Wood Dinner Table

Wood Dinner Table: A Closer Examination of the Dining Table

Wood Dinner Table

It is furniture which you utilize while eating as well as a relationship developer! Simply recollect those minutes when the entire family sat down at the Wood Dinner Table and shared quality time together. It was customarily made of wood is still favored however a ton of different materials like glass top, marble beat or other option material that have a fake wood complete are likewise getting to be distinctly famous. Simply remember the accompanying while purchasing:

Your Budget:

What material will run with your stylistic layout and your financial plan? Some customary ones of oak and pine have an appealing natural look yet can be very costly. All materials have their own points of interest and detriments. For instance, wood is enduring, however, can be overwhelming to move around, glass gives a feeling of more space because of its straightforwardness additionally pulls in clean very quickly.

Best Shape and Style:

What shape will coordinate your stylistic theme and fit in your plan? The shape likewise relies on the number of individuals utilizing it. On the off chance that space and number of individuals are less than a roundabout table would be the perfect decision, in addition to it will likewise have a private feel. In the event that it is regular an expansive social affair and you likewise have space then an exemplary rectangular or oval shape will be the decision. A drop leaf table is ideal for those homes with space requirement yet ordinarily need to go to startling visitors.

Get a Matching Table:

Do you require seats or the entire set? On the off chance that you as of now have some delightful seats then simply purchase a basic table that runs with them. The outline of the seats is imperative to the table as the state of the legs and tallness of the seats get the attention first. It might happen that you may just need seats and as of now have an amazing old Wood Dinner Table; however, are not ready to locate the right match then attempt to revamp your table to the style of the seats accessible however much as could reasonably be expected.

Oval Coffee Table

Give the lovely Oval Coffee Table with Storage touch to your living room

Oval Coffee Table

Coffee tables these days can take any design style. Manufacturers are creative in trying out various design options. The oval coffee table is a cool design style to add to the center of your living room. It is such a cool design that it can steal the focus from the other furniture designs in the living room.  Here are some design variations you will find on the market on the oval coffee table with storage.

Solid Wood Oval Coffee Table

Wood remains the most used material of design for a coffee table and other interior home designs. The oval solid wood coffee table comes with all wood. These normally come with natural stains and spray to retain the natural appeal around the living room. Rigid legs extending down from the top to the base are some styles with the solid wood designs.

Glass Top Oval Coffee Table

The glass top is cool and modern in a coffee table design. A glass top coffee table may now be the favorite design in many homes because of its more likely design for the age. With metal legs addition, the design is sleek and simple for a coffee table design. Oval glass top designs can also come with storage design beneath the top depending on the style sought for.

Oval Coffee Table With Storage

An Oval coffee table with storage is a design that goes with a storage area mostly beneath the table top. Common storage design is a tray with a similar oval shape and size like the table top. This can also be made of glass or wood. Since metals form the legs of most oval glass top tables, you can find the designs with different leg patterns. Solid single metal with an extended base on the ground just like a swivel chair forms a cool design style you can give to your home interior décor. Some designs also come with solid wood as the legs. These are rare designs you can find in homes. They are really beautiful in the manner they are designed.